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Rentals Bucket Trucks-Cable Lashers- Pole Trailers
Rentals Bucket Trucks-Cable Lashers- Pole Trailers Do you have an aerial construction project but need equipment? Let us help you!

Bucket Truck Rentals

Call Denise at 1-800-256-5186 or email We have competitive rates and will work with you to help meet your needs.

Truck Lease Agreement

  • Must provide current proof of liability and comprehension insurance for the full value of the vehicle being rented.

  • A-Aerial Service Company must be named as additional named insured/loss payee on the certificate of liability insurance as well as the vehicle value and vin number.

  • Lessee is aware that the truck is renting month to month, the date can be extended if needed.

  • A-Aerial Service Company must be given a copy of the certificate of liability before the time of rental.

  • Lessee is responsible for any and all body damage, gouges in paint, broken windows, broken mirrors, smashed bins, tire wear, ect...

  • Lessee is responsible for tail light damage, wiring damage due to overloaded bins, impact damage to boom and any front end alignment damage.

  • Lessee is to make repairs within 30 days. If repairs are not made within 30 days , A-Aerial will make repairs and bill lessee.

  • Lessee is responsible for maintenance including engine oil changes, and chassis lubrication at 90 day intervals.

  • All traffic laws and licensing requirements for drivers of this unit must be met. The lessee will be responsible for all citations issued.

  • Do not exceed the maximum combined gross weight. DO NOT OVERLOAD VEHICLE

  • You are to notify A-Aerial within 72 hours of an accident.

Rental Policies

  • A signed rental agreement is required prior to release of rental units.
  • Certificates of insurance are required prior to release of rental units.
  • Credit approval is required prior to release of rental units.
  • Major credit cards will be accepted with a signed credit card authorization form.
  • Rentals are charged on a time-out through time-in basis.
  • All delivery and return shipping and handling are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Monthly rentals are charged on a 30 Day Billing Cycle.
  • Weekly rates are one-third the monthly rental rates.
  • Daily rates are available.
  • Some rental units may have a minimum rental period.
  • Some truck rentals require special drivers licensing.
  • A deposit may be required.
  • Monthly and weekly rates will only be prorated after the first full billing cycle.
  • All damages, missing parts, tire wear, and fuel charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Lease to own options may be available for some units.
  • No rental credit due to inclement weather.