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Positioning Lanyards
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Buckingham 9-8 ADJUSTABLE WEB LANYARD 8FT Buckingham 9-8 Adjustable Web Lanyard 8'

Buckingham 9-8 Buck Adjuster
To be used with the Buck Squeeze Wood Pole Fall Protection System. Buck Adjuster 8' rope lanyard with the BuckGrab 5004B LAD [Length Adjusting Device] with a 90 degree twist in the eye of the CAM. Gives the user the ability to easily adjust the length of the lanyard with one hand. Lanyard is stitched 1/2" rope with a green and white jacket and red core.

Our Price: $313.30
Buckviz Nut and Bolt Bag Buckingham 4570G4 BuckViz Nut and Bolt Bag Buckingham 4570G4

BuckViz™ Safety Green canvas nut & bolt bag with a magnetic strip to allow linemen to store loose hardware and easily access it when required.

Our Price: $29.45
Gated Handline Carrier Buckingham 2402G Gated Handline Carrier Buckingham 2402G

Buckingham’s Gated Handline Carrier 2402G takes our previous handline carrier (2402) and improved upon it in a number of ways. The carrier is made of Polymer and includes a hole to easily secure it to the body belt with a bolt or zip tie (zip tie included). The carrier will straighten when approximately 25 pounds of pressure is applied and up to 35 pounds when the handline gate is closed, allowing the handline to pull free. Ideal when using the Ox Block™ and related accessories.

  • An additional use includes tying down webbing/rope to a limb and attaching the handline gate to the webbing to hang items, ensuring zero damage to the tree.
  • The new handline gate prevents tools and handlines from inadvertently coming off while climbing or working, with a simple flip of the gate, you can now lock it closed to keep your items even more secure.
  • The new design allows for quick storage and the user can quickly secure items in the carrier or take them out.
  • New shorter belt strap slot that keeps the carrier properly oriented on the belt strap even when leaning outward for work.
  • Fits up to a 2” belt strap.

Our Price: $5.95
Buckingham 4570G9 Vinyl Nut and Bolt Bag Vinyl Nut and Bolt Bag Buckingham 4570G9

The Buck Nut and Bolt Bag is made from quality heavy vinyl. Designed for easy excess to small hardware while in or off the field. The Buck Nut and Bolt bag is lightweight and easy to attach and detach from body belts or any other form of carry with our snap and Dee ring connection.

Our Price: $29.45