Note: The credit card bill to address must match where your credit card bill is sent.

If your credit card is declined and the bill to address is correct, please call us to help process your orders 1-800-256-5186

To expedite the processing of your order and as a method of fraud control, we can no longer ship to an address which is not on file with your credit card. If you desire to have your order shipped to an address other than the billing address, just call your credit card company and request to have alternate shipping address added to the account. The process is simple and does not affect your account.

****Picking Up your order: If you are choosing to pickup your order (Will Call), Sales Tax will need to be collected for your order. If you live in California or Georgia, the Sales Tax will calculate automatically. If you live outside of the pickup state, Sales Tax will need to be collected manually if you do not list our warehouse address as the shipping address.****


Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm - For more information See:

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