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BIERER AV40 Audible/Visual Voltage Indicator Audible/Visual Voltage Indicator BIERER AV40

The AV-40 is a non-contact voltage indicator with an audible and visual alarm to indicate the presence of voltage, with an operating range from capacitive test point /secondary voltage to 40kV (line to ground). Activation threshold meets ASTM requirements. Can be used as a stand-alone Voltage Detector without second probe

Instruction manual
Small bag

Our Price: $545.00
BIERER METERS VD1000 Voltage Detector Voltage Detector 1000kV BIERER VD1000

The VD1000 Digital Voltage Detector is designed for easily indicating AC voltage on Underground primary, Overhead primary, and Transmission conductors up to 999 kV. The large digital display can be seen and read at distances up to 50’. The unit is perfect for large system voltages from 4kV to 765kV Phase to Phase.

  • 1kV – 999kV digital voltage detector
    Hook probe
    Straight probe
    Universal/grip-all adapter

Our Price: $1,098.00
BIERER METERS HP72 Hi-Pot Meter Hi-Pot Meter BIERER HP72

Bierer's Hi-Pot meter is designed to perform a preliminary milliamp leakage test on URD cable.

  • 0-7.2kV hi-pot meter,
  • hook probe,
  • 2 bushing adapters,
  • 2 grip-alls,
  • manual,
  • small canvas bag

Our Price: $1,509.00
BIERER ST800 Service Tester 800Amps Service Tester 800Amps BIERER ST800

The ST800 puts a high magnitude pulse between the neutral/hot leg or hot leg/hot leg for any secondary service (120v, 208, 277, 48v). It cannot be fooled by telephone and cable television banding often missed by continuous loading devices.

  • 800 Amp Service Tester
  • Test Leads
  • Small Bag

Our Price: $1,917.00
BIERER METERS PD25 Phasing Digital Meter 25kV Phasing Digital Meter 25kV BIERER PD25

The PD Series® All-Purpose Utility Meters are phasing voltmeters designed to replace numerous other meters (Please view pictures)that feature a single range and/or perform a single function.

  • 0 – 25kV All-purpose utility meter,
    8 ft. regular cable,
    8 ft. extension cable,
    hook probe,
    straight probe,
    3kV power supply,

Our Price: $2,484.00
BIERER METERS PD800W Phasing/Voltage Digital Wireless Metter Phasing/Voltage Digital Wireless Metter BIERER PD800W

The PD800W Cordless Phasing Tester accurately and easily operates in multiple applications including phasing, voltage detection, phase sequencing and phase angle indication.

  • 120 volt – 800,000 volt cordless phasing tester
  • Hook probe
  • Straight probe
  • Universal/grip-all adapter
  • Manual

Our Price: $4,060.00