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Marked Duct Rodder, Big Buddy 1/2" x 1000'  Jameson 11-38-1000M Duct Rodder Marked Big Buddy 1/2"x1000' Jameson 11-38-1000M

Jameson 1/2" x 1000' Marked Big Buddy Duct Rodder. This heavy duty rodder is ideal for manhole to manhole work or long run cable pulls with the ability to operate vertically or horizontally , the big buddy has the versatility to handle the toughest jobs. Also features a drag brake and safety feed eye to control pay out. Has 10" bending radius, 1,400lb pull tensile strength and includes end ferrule and pulling eye. Dimensions: 47.5 x 44" x 20". The accessory kit not included.

Duct Rodder Marked Big Buddy 1/2" x 1000' Jameson 11-38-1000M.

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J2 Cable Lasher GMP 86070 GMP J2 Cable Lasher GMP 86070

The Model J2 Cable lasher is used to lash a single aerial cable or numerous cables to a supporting....

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Buckingham Supersqueeze 488W2 Fall Protection Buckingham Supersqueeze 488W2 Fall Protection

The SuperSqueeze offers superb Wood Pole Fall Restriction and offers the easiest adjustment on the market. With Buckingham patent pending WebGrab the SuperSqueeze can be adjusted with just a flick of the wrist. The SuperSqueeze can be configured to fit many climbing styles and needs, and it's modular design makes it easy change out warn or damaged components or strap in the field. Rated to 310 lbs.

Easy One Handed Brown Strap & Green Woven Strap Adjustment with the new buck WebGrab.
Same Adjustability as the rope BucketGrab but on Web.
Modular Design for Easy Strap Change Out.
Can Easily Change out Worn or Damaged Components or Straps in the Field.
Can Easily be Configured to use a rope or Web Strap.
One Disconnect to Climb Over an Obstruction.

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