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Cable Lasher Rental
Call and request a Lasher rental for your project!

Cable Lasher Rentals

Please call 1-800-256-5186 or e-mail for a quote. Shipping charges are added for ship to. You will be responsible for shipping the lasher back along with the box the lasher is in. A Damage deposit will be required.

GMP C Lasher

The C cable lasher is perfect for lashing smaller diameter aerial cables to supporting strand with stainless steel lashing wire. The design is suited for new construction or overlashing up to it's full 1-7/8in.

  • Week: $475.00
  • Month: $1425.00

GMP J2 Lasher

The model J2 cable lasher is used to lash a single aerial cable or numerous cables to a supporting strand or to an existing lashed cable with stainless steel lashing wire. Will lash any single or multiple aerial cables up to 3in.(76mm) diameter) across on any suspension strand from 1/4in.(6mm) to 7/16(11mm).

  • Week: $475.00
  • Month: $1425.00

GMP G Lasher

The largest of the GMP lashers, this unit is designed to lash large single or combination of aerial cable up to 5in. diameter to a supporting strand. Can be used for new installs or with existing cables in place. Nominal spacing between wraps is 16 1/2 in.

  • Week: $575.00
  • Month: $1725.00

DCD K Lasher

The model K pull type handles just about any size lashing job. Use it to single - or double-lash a single cable up to 31/2 outside dimeter and multible cables up to a combined outside diameter of 4 5/8". The rotating drum on the model K makes one revolution every 13". Load both payout reels to create a double lash with support every 61/2" or load one payout reel for a single lash support every 13".

  • Week: $575.00
  • Month: $1800.00

DCD Eagle Lasher

The Eagle lasher was designed for 21st century cable lashing jobs. Sized to install CATV or Fiber optic cables. It's lightweight, durable and simple. Since it's introduction four years ago, the design has proven itself on the strand, from the Arctic Circle to Asia Minor. With a bundle capacity of 2-1/4" or single cable up to 2". The Eagle lasher will single or double lash most last mile or FTTH installations.

  • Week: $475.00
  • Month: $1425.00

DCD Linemen 1050

The Lineman 1050 Lasher is the pull type cable lasher for tough jobs, especially in dusty, wet or icy conditions. Use it to lash single or multiple cables up to 3" outside diameter and for single and double overlashing. You won't get snagged in trees and tight places with the Lineman Lasher because of the smooth, tapered cowl. Transfer time around poles is cut by as much as one-third, with the wire quick release trigger mounts below the handle for easy, one-hand engagement and release for continuous lashing.

  • Week: $475.00
  • Month: $1,425.00

Lasher Repairs

A-Aerial specializes in cable lasher repairs and servicing. Two day emergency service is available. We also accept your dropped or damaged lasher as a trade-in toward a new unit. When sending lashers to us for repair, please include contact information and description of requested repair.

C lasher rebuild cost usually range from $1600.00 to $2400.00.
J2 lasher rebuild cost usually range from $1,800 to $2,600.