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Important Disclaimer Notice!! During this time of COVID, A-Aerial cannot guarantee any freight delivery time frames. All of the ground and freight carriers will not offer any guarantees, refunds, or credits for late deliveries. More importantly, please be aware that a good portion of all deliveries are arriving late and the freight companies are claiming a "National Emergency" as the reason for the delays. We are very sorry about this situation, but A-Aerial cannot offer any refunds for late deliveries.


At A-Aerial a Division of Altec we are here to meet all your construction and tooling needs. Competitive rates for Cable Lashers, Cable Pulling Trailers, Pole Line Hardware and Overhead Products, UnderGround Tools and Hardware, Fiber Optic Closures and Fiber Optic Tools.


Lowell 150T Lineman Wrench 10" FG Series Fiberglass Pole Set with Wire Raiser - Lay Up Stick Set Jameson FG-6-3W
Our Price: $94.97
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Our Price: $150.93
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Lowell 150T Lineman Wrench 10" Jameson FG-6-3W Lay Up Stick
Standard 10" Handle. The Bolt-Thru design allows threaded rod to pass thru the socket so that nuts can be secured on.... Jameson's most popular pole cost less without sacrifiving quality. The FG series uses the same aircraft grade aluminum ferrules and plated steel exterior leaf spring as the JE Series.
*FREE A-Aerial 2023 Calendar Polywater® B-1 BOOM™ Wipes Cleaner - Wipe in sealed pouch
List Price: $6.09
Our Price: $6.27
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FREE 2023 CALENDAR Polywater® B-1 BOOM™ Wipes Cleaner - Prewash Wipe in sealed pouch
Polywater® BOOM™ Prewash Wipes are saturated towels that clean grease, tar, creosote, salt spray, hydraulic fluid, pine pitch, insects and road debris off insulated fiberglass boom arms, insulators, and buckets.
Python® 5/16" (8mm) Replacement Rod Condux 08082350 TRACER WIRE PROPAK TRACER 10AWG ORANGE 1000FT.
Our Price: $198.57
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Condux 08082350 Python® 5/16" (8mm) Replacement Rod TRACER WIRE PROPAK TRACER 10AWG ORANGE 1000FT.
Python rod is best suited for less demanding
applications. It has strength properties similar to
our Cobra rod, but is more flexible. Also, like the
Cobra, it has a heavy-duty outer plastic coating to
resist abrasions and reduce wear.

Key Facts

3/8"-16 End Fitting

30" Cage

PRO-TRACE HF-CCS PE30 tracer wire is designed to have the flexibility, memory, and feel of copper. It also has a 43% higher break-load , minimizing damage during installation and while in service. This product is best suited for open-trench applications. Equal in signal tracing performance, it simply outperforms copper tracer wire and significantly reduces material costs.


For over 30 years we've taken pride in serving the communication and telephone industry while taking the time to listen and getting you the equipment you need.