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At A-Aerial a Division of Altec we are here to meet all your construction and tooling needs. Competitive rates for Cable Lashers, Cable Pulling Trailers, Pole Line Hardware and Overhead Products, UnderGround Tools and Hardware, Fiber Optic Closures and Fiber Optic Tools.


Economy Pole Climbing Kit Buckingham KIT126 SuperSqueeze™ with Black Tough Rope™ Buckingham 490K4Q4
Our Price: $1,914.94
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Our Price: $1,118.58
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Economy Pole Climbing Kit Buckingham KIT126 Buckingham 490K4Q4 SuperSqueeze™ with Black  Tough Rope™
The Buckingham Economy Linemen Kit was designed for the linemen who may only be on a pole for a couple of hours per day versus traditional linemen who would spend most of the day on the poles. This kit features all the basic fall protection products a climber will need while working on a pole.

Buck’s new wear-resistant TrebleKern Tough Rope™ is constructed with an energy-absorbing nylon core, red braided polyester inner cover (red wear indicator) and an abrasion and heat resistant Technora outer cover that eliminates the need for a wear guard. No more jamming of your wear guard!

Allegro 9401-35 Compact Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter Corrugated Riser 1" with Pull Tape, 500FT. Natural
Our Price: $966.56
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Our Price: $320.00
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Allegro 9401-35 Compact Magnetic Lid Lifter Corrugated Riser 1" with Pull Tape, 500FT. Natural
The toughest manhole covers are easy to move with this lightweight, one-piece compact magnetic lid lifter.
1" corrugated riser duct with1000lb. tensile strength pull tape, 500' coil, natural.
corrugated duct, flexible conduit, plenum duct, fire jacket, indoor riser duct, corrugated innerduct, with pull tape, riser innerduct and fittings.
Supersqueeze Fall Protection Buckingham 488W2 Allegro 9535-08 8" AC Air Bag Blower w/ 15' Ducting
Our Price: $935.30
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List Price: $415.00
Our Price: $389.06
You save $25.94!
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Buckingham 488W2 Supersqueeze Fall Protection Allegro 9535-08  8" AC Air Bag Blower w/ 15' Ducting
The SuperSqueeze offers superb Wood Pole Fall Restriction and offers the easiest adjustment on the market. With Buckingham patent pending WebGrab the SuperSqueeze can be adjusted with just a flick of the wrist. The SuperSqueeze can be configured to fit many climbing styles and needs, and it's modular design makes it easy change out warn or damaged components or strap in the field. Rated to 310 lbs.

Featuring an 8" metal blower system with ducting built into a heavy duty polyester bag for all-in-one unit for ease of operation. Designed with zippered ends that allow blower use without removing blower from the bag. Zipper openings allow for plug/cord inlet and outlet. Easy to carry and store. Polypropylene nine blade fan, steel/powder coated housing and grill, carry handle with molded-in 2 speed switch. Ducting: Single-Ply lightweight vinyl/polyester PVC coated. Yellow with black wear-strip and integrated nylon attachment strap on one end. Dimensions: 27"l x 15"w x 12"h

Flow Rates:
  • 760 CFM (1291.2 m3 /hr)


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